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Kelly's Diary Intro To Week 2

Please do not take this I got permission to use this from Cloud9s Tribe Fan Club (your not allowed to use their texts without permission).
Therefore, this information is copyright (C) to cloud9 the tribe ltd.

I've always admired the opening song to "The Tribe - The Dream Must Stay Alive". The lyrics made me realise that dreams will only come true if you have the determination and the love of what you believe in to make them happen.

After purchasing "The Tribe album, "Abe Messiah", I decided to look further than the London based companies. I wrote a personal e-mail to Cloud 9 asking them if there was any possibility that the song writers, John Williams and Matt Prime could compose a song for me. I was determined to be a successful artist.

I knew there was no other artist who had a tribal feel to their music and I realised that I would be different from other artists in the charts today.

After sending my e-mails from home, I found myself checking my e-mails every day at the college I was attending. I hoped and prayed with all my heart that someone would write back. So when a reply came back to me from Cloud 9 in New Zealand, my heart just skipped a beat and I felt sick to my stomach. I was debating whether or not to read it. I had dreamt of this moment for so long. For me this was my one big moment.

The e-mail I received asked me to send them a demo tape of myself. This did not mean that my dream had finally turned into reality, but I was jumping up and down with excitement anyway. My mum and dad thought I was having a fit at first because they knew nothing of the e-mail that I had sent. I did it all on my own. That weekend I set to work preparing my demo. I recorded it three times before I thought it was passible as I only had a wonky old cassette player to record it on. I've always been told that if you can sing without effects then you can sing. So that's what I did.

After sending my demo off, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a reply. I prayed every night.

One morning I received a phonecall. It was the Executive Producer of "The Tribe". Unfortunately I had already left for college. He got chatting to my dad and asked him if I could act. I have never had any training in either singing or acting, so I was surprised when my dad told me later that day.

The Executive Producer phoned me later that same night, mind you he had got the time difference wrong between our countries, bless him.

He asked me if I was prepared to fly over to New Zealand for a screen test. I was gob smacked. I was prepared and I knew it. I told him, yes.

It was all systems go from then on. My mum was to fly with me which was a relief as I have never flown before. I was always petrified of aeroplanes, but I knew I had to face it if I was to get to New Zealand.

My mum and I had a hard time sorting our passports out as they weren't very helpful the first time. However it was second time lucky, which was just as well because we only had a few days left before we set off for New Zealand.

The day came for us to leave. I remember because I was petrified at the thought of flying. My friend's day was very kind and drove us to Newcastle Airport. Waiting for our flight to be called was the worst part. Once we were up in the air I settled down a bit.

Week One:

Today is the 4th October 2001 and I have a day off. But Ive come in to shoot a behind the scenes video on Post Production.

At the start of filming I had a lot of early pick ups and late finishes. But recently its been quiet as Ive had a few days off.

One of my favourite scenes recently was when I was in disguise cause I had cool makeup, my hair was really wacky and I loved the scripts, as the lines were quite dippy (ditzy).

One of my hardest scenes over the last couple of weeks was when I had this huge dialogue day. I had a big paragraph that I had to learn the night before. I was so scared that I wasnt going to get it rightbut I did!!! Which was cool.

Ive been working quite closely with Ebony and Lex in a lot of my scenes up until now. But in the last few days Ive been doing quite a few scenes with Cloe.

The storylines are great and the progression of the characters, especially Cloe, are becoming very mature.

I found out recently from Raymond Thompson that I may be recording some songs. But as yet Im not sure when that will be. Hopefully soon.

Until next time

Keep the Dream Alive

Kez (Dee)

Week Two:

Hi Kelly here,

This week we had 15 scenes. The weather was quite warm with a bit of rain. We had two main locations this week, the Cloud 9 Studios and Kenepuru Hospital.

There was a funny moment in one of the scenes - I had to fall over and I actually pulled a muscle in my arm somehow!

I'm finding the acting so much fun. I love acting. It's like my second favourite thing besides singing.

I also had a really fun scene to do at the hospital with Dan, but I'm not telling why it was fun because it would give the scene away!

The cast are great and down to earth. I love them all! Meryl (Ebony) is so sweet and fun to hang around with. And so is Jen (Ellie). Michael (Jack) is like the class clown, he's so funny and quick with remarks!

James picks on my English accent and so does Caleb but I'm getting used to them! They're only pratting around with me because apparently they like the way I phrase things! They like the term "muffin"! They're cool guys! I love them all!

Ooh I had my hair changed this week so I have a new style now!

See ya next week

Keep the Dream Alive

Kez (Dee)


More of Kelly's Diary Coming Soon!!!!!

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