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Tribeworld and cloud9 have given me permission to put Kelly's Interviews up on my site so please do not take them they are copyright (C) to cloud9 the tribe ltd.

Exclusive Interview with Kelly Stevenson (DEE)

T.W. - If you were stuck on a desert island with 3 other people what is the first thing that you would do?

K.S. - Cry!

T.W. - If you could choose the 3 people youd want to be stuck with, who would they be and what are your reasons for choosing them?

K.S.- My mum - for family support. My dad for humour, and my boyfriend for love.

T.W. - If you could take 3 items with you, what would they be?

K.S. - My personal cd player, cd's and matches

T.W. - Where would you build a shelter (eg on a hill, on the beach, etc.) and why?

K.S. - On the beach so I could go swimming when I wanted to.

T.W. - Do you know how to make fire without matches or a lighter?

K.S. - Rub two sticks together, find glass or perspex (i.e a watchface) and point near the sun over the sticks.

T.W. - What would you eat?

K.S. - Fish and fruit

T.W. - Would you eat rats if you had to?

K.S. - Yeah, why not! It might taste like chicken. he he

T.W. - Know any good desert island recipes?

K.S. - Not really. Probably have to make something with fish.

T.W. - Would you be more Tom Hanks Castaway quiet and reflective or Swiss Family Robinson styles, building elaborate treehouses and making the most of things?

K.S. - Swiss Family Robinson style.

T.W. - What are the 3 things you would miss the most if you were stuck on an island?

K.S. - My bed, my friends and my tv.

T.W. - What would be your greatest offering that would help you and the other 3 get by on the island without going insane? (eg good humour, storytelling abilities, first aid knowledge, survivor instincts, etc.)

K.S. - My loud laugh! I can laugh for hours and it's not pretty!


T.W. - How would you make your escape from the island?

K.S. - Build a raft with wood from the trees.

T.W. - What is the first thing that you would do upon arriving safely home again?

K.S. - Meet up with friends and family and have a huge party with everyone there!


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