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Kellys Diary weeks 3-5

Tribeworld @ cloud9 have given me permission to use this in my site so therefore i copyright it (C) to cloud9 the tribe ltd. please don't take it without cloud9s permission.

week 3:

Hello all!!

We had a really busy week this week and I had 26 scenes to get through. We filmed at the Cloud 9 Studios and Whiteman's Valley (the back lot). The weather was warm but we had rain at the end of the week.

We had a scene to do in the Studio on Tuesday and my stomach rumbled so loudly during a take that we had to do the whole scene again. It was pretty funny except that we had to start again.

The cast are so much fun and I'm still loving them! Tori and I were in between scenes on Wednesday and I went off into giggles again - as per usual - and Tori and I could not stop laughing!

It's been a really good week and I didn't have any hard scenes this week either.

Thought I'd tell you a little about my makeup. It's a mixture of colours mostly black, blue and surprise, surprise PINK!

I fell asleep on the couch on Tuesday and my makeup smudged slightly so after lunch I had to get it re-done.

Tell ya more next week!!

Keep the Dream Alive

Kelly (Dee)

Week 4:


Well after a week off we're back into it! I had 14 scenes this week and mostly stayed at the studio with a few scenes at Kenepuru Hospital in Porirua. It's been a strange week for the weather with lots of rain but very warm.

We did a few scenes this week that really delved into Dee's character. I had a few extra lines where I got to show off Dee's obsession with her make-up. It was really cool!!

Dee is quite a character and she can sometimes come across as very dippy (spaced)! So often these are the most fun scenes to film. This week there was one with a new character, Salene and Pride where Dee was really ditzy, which is a bit like myself! The gags were great in that scene!

I didn't really have any hard scenes this week but you always have your odd days where your mind goes blank! I hate that!

I had a change of make up this week. Not too extreme but a few things were added to "Dippy Dee!"

I love my costume, it's so bright! I have all the colours going on which is fantastic. Pink hair, orange costume...I can't go wrong really can I?


Keep the Dream Alive

Kelly (Dee)


It was Kelly's Birthday this week - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!

Hi Again!!

We finally had some nice weather this week - hot and sunny!! I had 18 scenes this week but I didn't have too much dialogue so it's been sweet!

Funny moment this week was during a scene I was doing with Tori (Salene) and Nick (Pride). We were seated around a table with candles all over it and I burst out laughing as I usually do and nearly singed my hair in the candle flame! Just imagine the amout of hair spray that is used on my hair and how flammable it would of been! I'd be bald by now!.

There have been quite a few drastic scenes this week. They're really fun to act out!

The cast are still great friends of mine! I think everyone is getting on really well with each other.

With it being really warm this week we've had our lunch outside by the pool a lot! We had a barbeque on Wednesday it was a real nice change and the cooks are great. They spend a lot of time preparing.

We also get morning and afternoon snacks to keep our energy levels up. The sandwhiches and fruit are brought around in little baskets and you can choose from a variety of them. We all love the two Deb's and Hannah for keeping us well fed! Thanks guys!!

Better go now, speak to you again next week


Keep the Dream Alive

Kez (Dee)



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